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I now have a new feed for the Rhodcast to get new episodes please resubscribe at http://itunes.rhodders.com or http://feeds.feedburner.com/rhoddersfm




This show is different from usual, it is a "Back Chat" show which means there are not many features, just lot of talking points.

Rhodders is in a brand-new studio and is having great fun pressing buttons! Bobby, from Bobby's amazing fact,steps up to the mic for his in studio debut. On the show we challenge the stereotype view that everybody from the North of England steals and with their help of science and a phone find out how true it is. Also we discuss: our favourite "TV gays", test driving Rhodders' new, razor, drinking stories of past and present co-hosts, How Bobby laughed at a funeral, Bobby's mate who lives in a warehouse, crazy science experiments on animals! Plus loads more!
Send me feed back- radio AT rhodders.com Hope you like the new album art!

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Vote for the show! http://vote.rhodders.com This podcast marks the 50th show. Co-host, Ned, graces us with his presence. He brings his usual serving of bad language and crude humour! On the show, a listener leaves a complaint on the answerphone, the guys deal with it appropriately! Rhod and Ned recount tales of toilet humour, involving past Co-host, the Professor. We also dive into the archives to bring you some of the first ever recorded Rhodders FM programmes (never heard before). It's dead embarrassing! We asked Rhodheads to leave Happy 50th messages, one proved so ridiculous, Rhodders laughed himself sick, literally! To round off the show, we have Bobby's Amazing fact and we try out our new feature "Hello, Hello" on the Prof. Featuring music form The Alfonz http://www.thealfonz.com/ My Channel On Big Contact
What a silly show! We brake radio ground with the a German yodelling compensation! Also Co-host Ned calls in to unleash a barrage of banter, including how he "Ya Mumed" comedian Russell Howard! We also have You Make Me Sick, Bobby's Amazing Fact and we talk about how to get rid of muggers! Special thanks to Paddy for editing this show. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-f455d75acc0b9d4ae28b100ba3e5e8b8}

This is the slightly late Christmas show!(well technically it is still Christmas until 12thn night!) We have a Santa's list full of festive goodies for you. We ask the listeners what is the worst Christmas gift they have given or received, (You can still send them in to radio AT rhodders.com). Rhodders rages against the lazy in this weeks "you make me sick". He is also furious over the fact a listener called him at 3:30AM and woke up his whole family up! We also have the traditional "crappy cracker competition".featuring music from tribal vibe www.tribalvibe.com
A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Rhodders FM. Don't forget it's our 50th show on Friday the 2nd of Jan. Sign up to the mailing list at rhodders.com for more information.


The Rhodcast is Back at last! Please join the mailing list (www.rhodders.com top of the page!) so you can find out when the next live show is.
On this week's show our inspiring phone in topic is "what is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?". The "Rhod Heads" did not disappoint! Rhodders gives his opinion on Rage Against the Machine and how he witnessed a miracle at Reading Festival? And what show would be complete without the bumbling antics of the human fact file, Bobby in "Bobby's amazing fact"


What a show! Our guest this week was Rob Gauntlett. At the age of just 19 he became the youngest ever person to climb Mount Everest. He is now 21 and has just compiled a journey to the South Magnetic Pole using only human and natural power.More info at http://www.robgauntlett.com
Also find out was is driving Rhodders mad in "You Make Me Sick!". Rhodders wants revenge after he was "rick rolled"! Bobby is back for more fact filled fun! To round it all of two "Rhod-heads" battle it out in "Guess the Object".
Featuring music from Avalon Way http://www.avalonway.co.uk/


This show was jam packed! Things get a bit dramatic as Rhodders opens his AS exam results. Following an email from a listener disgraced co-host the Professor calls in. He ends up fighting for his job in a a quiz ageist Bobby! We also have Booby's amazing fact, a truly daft bit of news concerning trains and a three legged dog + tons more...
Featuring music from Anatasha http://www.myspace.com/anatashamusic
Please keep voting for us- http://vote.rhodders.com



Ned from episode 22 makes his second appearance in the co-host corner, we knew from the start this is going to be a ridiculous show! On the show we talk about: what should and shouldn't be an Olympic sport, how the whole Olympics are fake! also as it is the silly season (the time of year when all the good journalists go on holidays) we open up the newspapers where: the Daily Mail claims it can solve knife crime(oh boy!)and the local papers are even worse. We also review the dark Knight. If that wasn't enough bobby comes on the line to review his most amazing fact ever in Bobby's Amazing Fact, we discover Ned is a lifeguard! to round things off we have a very quizzical quiz with a listener named Tristan.

Featuring music from Alice band

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What a huge show it is this week! Our guest is Virgin radio host, TV presenter and comedian Iain Lee. Iain was a host on the very funny 11 O’clock show. At the moment he hosts a crazy late night talk show, Sunday night at 10 on Virgin radio.
If that wasn't enough we have managed to cram in a crate load of craziness! Rhodders talks about a standup gig he did recently and in You Make Me Sick Rhodders has yet anther rant. To top it all off in shambolic style listeners Andy and Danny go head to head in the Quizzical Quiz!

Featuring music From Hattie Snooks http://www.myspace.com/hattiesnooks


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